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Looking at the gallery, this team certainly passes the eyeball test. This feels like the first "veteran" team we've had since '09.

Really anxious to see who emerges at WR. IMO, that could be the difference in a 7-8 wins or 10-11. I am, of course, assuming our defense will be solid, if not spectacular, under CTR. I ran into him at a restaurant in Gwinnett this summer, and I said that we could do great things with even an average defense. He was quick to say that his expectations were far above being average. That's what I like to hear.
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1,694 has a new roster up. Reviewing the roster two things jumped off the page at me. Gotsis is listed at 277 pounds - down 23 pounds from the 300 I last saw. And Kallon is listed at 303 pounds. Anyone with any info please speak.