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Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Basketball' started by alaguy, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. alaguy

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    Yrs ago ,Hewitt made a decision vs UTenn to not have his FT shooter MISS a FT with 2 seconds left,to seal the game being 2 pts ahead.It would have killed the clock realistically.Instead, UT got the ball out with the clock dead.They then set up a play.Threw ball past mid-ct,their guy then shot in a 3pt to win.
    I thought then maybe Blewitt didn't have the smarts to win long term. hmmm

    I like PG,but last nite a huge detail was ignored.After our great effort,at the end ND had ball out but had to inbounds the ball.We needed to steal or foul.But we allowed then their BEST FT shooter (and #2 in ACC)to get the ball.He proceeded to hit 2 straight which forced Tech to ONLY try a 3 pt.Good luck on that.. thus-LOSS.
    No way should that guy have been allowed to get that ball.DETAILS! Makes me wonder what all those Asst coaches on the bench are doing.Too important to ignore that detail.
    PG has a hard enough time with all the injuries but not playing smart might kill him.
  2. GTJacket

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    By PG are you referring to Prian Gregory?

    I agree that Connaughton shouldn't have been allowed to get the ball, but it's tough to say that's all on Gregory. Maybe he did tell the team that and they didn't execute.
  3. Peacone36


    Carter secures that rebound and the whole game is different.
  4. dtm1997

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    CBG pointed out that miscue to MGH during the timeout. Agree on the Carter rebound. Was he bumped/fouled during that play? Looked like it, but I have gold-colored glasses on.
  5. GTJason

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    After rewatching it I think enough ball was hit on the initial knock away, but then when both guys are going for the ball the ND player went for Carter and not the ball. Not sure it's easy to call a foul in that situation, no one had possession. Carter was also likely playing tentative to not get his 5th foul so was less aggressive getting after the ball once it's knocked away
  6. alaguy

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    It was bad on the Carter play but that was past/done.At the time-out, you get youe s--- together and make sure the next play goes your way or you probably lose..

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