The day GT sports changed

Correct. You get a 100 and a gold star for neatness, cheese. I used to gas up at an Esso station; also used to gas up at a Standard Oil station. And there were Sinclair, Gulf, Amoco, Pure (my car loved that Pure Firebird gas), Union76... Ah, the good old days. Loved the gas wars back then...once got gas for 19 cents a gallon; it was usually 27 cents a gallon.

Note the name on the station in my avatar. The pumps are the old hand pumps and, of course, that is Bobby leaning on the 'Reck.

I had a book as a kid. Bennett Cerf, a panelist on What's My Line was the author, Riddle Me This. One of the riddles was "what kind of insect flies around filling stations? An Esso bee.