Tech vs Washington


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Overall the three games on Sunday will "help" the team which has lost a game and goes to the championship game on Monday. Someone will have to win that game 5 and will have played a double header on Sunday. But they won't have to play a double header to tie the 2-0 team. The 2-0 team will face a fresher 2-1 team also have to play a double header whereas they didn't before.

For us I, like this if we lose today.
  • Suppose we lose today (game 1). And Ole Miss wins (game 2).
  • Then we would play Jax tomorrow morning in game 3 and win. We shouldn't have to use our second best pitcher or hopefully relievers.
  • Ole Miss and Washington then play game 4 at 3 Sunday which would be the marquee Ole Miss and slighted Washington grudge match. They will both be spent from that game.
  • The depleted game 4 loser has to turn right around and play us at 7. We have great pitching depth and will have rested for 4 hours.
  • Then Monday, we would "just" have to win two games against the game 4 winner. Not easy, but a lot easier than beating the 2-0 team when you just played and they are fresh.
Of course if we beat Washington today and we lose to Ole Miss tomorrow, this sucks.

If we go 2-0, then we wouldn't have the usual advantage, but that's ok. I'll take 2-0 :sneaky:

Of course, there are thunderstorms in the area already ( ) so this schedule will all change again.

Hi guys, I found out the score after it was over. I didn't miss much :(

Anyway, I'm not surprised that their ace was an ace. The scenario I laid out yesterday is what I think is likely to happen. We beat Jax, then win the nightcap. I'll definitely watch the second game, have to see about the first. And I'll watch us play both games tomorrow.

I like our chances since we have depth but not ace quality in our starters. I think we will do just fine when we start playing our third starter against their second or third starter. We didn't use our best pitching yesterday and the relief was to get the game over. Danny Hall was playing for today's games.