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I'm not going to rewatch the game to find the exact down and distance for the plays I recall seeing Live, nor do I have any desire to go tit for tat on this and continue to disparage Young. To more generally answer your question, he had one awful missed tackle that everyone has noted and was beat on the sideline at least twice in one-on-one coverage. It might not show through on ESPN3 as the QB did not get the ball to the WR who was open.


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I didn't pay enough attention to whom was playing where, but there were several wide receivers/slot receivers that found a crease in the zone and sat down. There were plenty of open Elon guys if the QB could have hit them. That's my biggest concern with the defensive backfield. If they're going to use quick hits to offset our pass rush, then we need to close down the holes in the zone. Since it's the first game, and most improvement is gained between the first and second game, I'll with we're going to be better. I'll withhold judgement until after the Duke game. However, if Duke move the ball effectively through the air, I'll be more than concerned, regardless of the score.