Saturday scrimmage


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Anybody going?

If so, please post any thoughts on what you seen.

I will post an update later on Saturday night.


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I thought the defense looked good. The D-Line was pretty nasty throughout the scrimmage. Gotsis is going to be baller. Vad is definitely the first string QB. Justin's touchdown run was probably the best touchdown run by a QB that i've seen since I've been in college, however, his fumble and pick six show his lack of maturity at the college level. Vad really owns this offense and you can tell by his lack of turnovers (His fumble was b/c of terrible blocking by the O-Line) Also, whoever said Justin throws better than Vad was mistaken. Vad seems to be much more accurate and have a much better arm.

I thought Michael Summers looked really good. Darren Waller dropped a touchdown pass he should have cought being 6'' taller than Jamea.

Tim Byelry is definitely a good QB backup. We really didn't need Damon Mitchell and it was never more apparent than today. Tim can definitely run the offense.

Also, Matt Connors is Zack Laskey/ Preston Lyons 2.0. He had a nasty catch and bulldozed through two tackles to pick up 15 more yards. I genuinely don't believe that we are short on talent.

Dennis Andrews is definitely going to be a good A-Back. Synjyn hand's are getting better. David Sims had a monster day at B-Back, he has really grown into the position.

Overall, I like where the team is going. It's a shame that we have Justin right now as oppose to in 3 years because he is something special.


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Thanks for the update, I couldn't attend, but really wanted too. I will be at the spring game and bringing 5 of my buddies.

Not looking forward to the cold dark summer without GT football... Can somebody speed up time to get to the fall?


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The consensus I've gotten from other boards is:
Vad is solid #1
Justin is special
Tim is actually good.

DLine dominated the OL in passing
Gostis is a BEAST

Tech needs HELP at WR


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- Georgia Tech ran plays out of the flexbone, pistol and diamond formation.
- I would say Vad had a overall good day. Vad showed his great running ability with a 60 yard TD run...Vad is a long strider and his speed is better than you think it is. Vad did get a couple of big hits on him in the pocket by Cheeks and Marcordes. I believe Chaz caused one of his fumbles. When passing Vad does a good job of not locking in on one guy and did a good job of scanning the field. He also seemed more comfortable in the offense...which is a big plus IMO. I would give the edge to Vad as of today.
- Justin Thomas threw a pick to Beau Hankins on his first pass of the day...he did the exact opposite of what Lee did. Thomas locked in on one guy and Hankins read it from the start. However this kid really excites me. He splits defenders, out runs angles and isn't a bad passer. Thomas had some zip on his throws and was very accuracte. Although he only had one throw that was deep. Thomas does a good job of turning a loss into gain.
- I was impressed by Tim Byerly...he is a great backup QB. I would feel comfortable with him in a game. He is a lot more physical then I realzied and showed he has a good arm. Byerly took off on a run and trucked Lynn Griffin today...causing him to lose his helmet.
- Lee, Thomas and Byerly all had the defensive line after them from the start...the OL was missing three starters.
- Morgan Bailey, Jay Finch and Will Jackson all out.
- Darren Waller was back today
- Marty Alcla had the catch of the day on a throw from handed.
- WR's could not get away from the DB"s.
- David Sims looked great...He had a quick burst and had no problem getting yards out of the dive on almost every play. I think he is easily our best B-back.
- Broderick Snoddy is out with a broken hand.
- Laskey did not do anything of note really...was solid but not as good as Sims.
- Matt Connors had a very good day with the 3's, He is a tough runner.
- Synjyn Days looks a lot bigger to me..He only had one carry that I noticed today. I look for him to get a lot of action this year though especially in the blocking role.
- Deon Hill had a good carry for about 20 yards.
- Dennis Andrews will be a good RB in the future.
- OL did not have a great day IMO...but that is expected with a bunch of guys out. Vad, Justin and Byerly had to run a lot of times on plays that the DL broke down by getting into the backfield quick.
- I thought the DL had a good day.
- Gotsis looks really good and I think he has a starting job locked up.
- Pat Gamble looked good running with the 2's.
- Francis Kallon was with the 3's and he showed some potential. He looks huge but you can tell he is still not ready yet.
- Drummond had a decent day.
 - Lynn Griffin missed a hanful of tackles and Roof let him know it...I could hear Roof yelling at him.
- Thrilled to see out CB's not giving huge cushions.
- Seemed like a lot more energy from the defense than I remember in the last few years...Roof is a fiery guy and I think his energy spreads.
- I thought the defense did a good job of playing fast.
- I am very impressed with where they are at this point..a ton of work left but Roof has done a good job up to this point. Seen him doing a lot of teaching to the guys today.
- Loved seeing us in a 4-3!
- Kicking surprised me today...Justin Moore hit two 40+ yard field goals.
- Bryan Cook was watching.
- Dieke and Shawn Green were out.
- Attaochu looked good at good pressure.
- Nobody talks about Jemea Thomas but he is really a great player...I watched him today and the kid can play. I think Tech fans forget how good he is. Lucky to have him back for his Senior year.


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Jemea is probably the best DB in the country and he is just flying under the radar! Rod Sweeting is getting love now but Jemea is on a whole other level than he is


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Hoss said:
Jemea is probably the best DB in the country and he is just flying under the radar! Rod Sweeting is getting love now but Jemea is on a whole other level than he is

I think Jemea is comperable in size to Cornerback Asante Samuel, whose currently playing for the Falcons, but I think Jemea's actually a more "physical" player than Samuel because he's not afraid to hit rather than just relying on his "ball skills," which I think also comes second-natured.

He definately has a Pro career in his future in my opinion, especially when you recall Jemea was also a pretty good return man before Golden took over those duties last season.


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Great summary of Saturday. Thanks! Have to grin about the depth and quality of QBs!!!
Sounds like Vad's arm and Justin's legs were in good form. Tim seems to have smarts and physical tools. I thought I read where he put up 21 reps on the Bench Press test?
Coach Cook had to like what he sees for the next 3 years. Lots of options at A and B back!
Love the jacked D, but have to temper that until they go against a true O line unit with 5 seasoned starters, ' cause thats what they will see this fall.
the 19th ought to be a great event. Lets just get some folks healthy !!!


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Eric, you weren't kidding about Gotsis. The man is an absolute stud. I don't know if you noticed how many tackles he had on RB's, but I saw a handful of times where he bust through his O-lineman to make the tackle on the RB. Also, when Gotsis tackled Vad Lee to stop him from taking off for a nice 10-15 yard gain, the whole field erupted. Special talent we have at that position. I just hope he can do that all season.


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I'm excited about Lynn Griffin & Chris Milton. Those 2 kids can really run and seem to have a different gear.