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Defense was big area that the Jackets needed to adress in this class and the staff attacked it hard very early on.

DB was the biggest need in this class and as you can see we have found quite a few players we like to fill the void we have.

DL - Could take 1 more

Tyler Merriweather - I have voiced my opinion for quite sometime about what a good sleeper that I think he is...he was on the verge of landing quite a few more offers before he jumped on his Tech one. Merriweather has a stout base and has shown that he can really get after the quarterback. I think he can play either DE spot but I think he is a perfect for SDE. Merriweather is 6'3 and around 250 lbs as of now...he is still young as and has a ways to go before he is done growing. A lot of upside here.

Antonio Simmons - Georgia Tech kept Simmons under the radar until they could get him on campus and get him commmitted...Lamar Owens had told a few guys in Florida that they were looking to add another pass rusher in this class and someone told him about how good Simmons was and to give him a look. The staff got a hold of his film and had him committed not long after that...Roof really likes this kid. He is coming in at DE and will have to add weight before he is game ready but they truly feel he can be a special pass rusher...he has showed that he can do that on the high school level as he posted 33 sacks this year.

KeShun Freeman - KeShun is simply a force on the field....When you look at his film you will see at how fast he gets in the backfield. He posted almost 100 tackles his Junior year and 150 his Senior year...his offer sheet backs up his film. He says that the staff plans for him to come in as a defensive end but I could also see him easily being a ALL ACC LB. Wherever he ends he is going to be a player and the staff has hit a home run with this kid. Very, very talented.

LB - done

Tre Jackson -Tre was the second commit for Georgia Tech...Tech offered and he jumed on the scholarship soon after. The main knock on Tre is his size as he is about 5'9 but as Tech fans have learned in recent can still be a very good LB without the height ala a Julian Burnett or PJ Davis. Tre is around 5'9 230 pounds but when he hits somebody they will know it. He comes down hill so well and I can't wait to see him lay the wood in the upcoming years. Jackson is solid muscle and will be one of the strongest players on the team the day he walks in. With his size Jackson can still move really well. Also he is such a leader...from talking with him he takes such pride in being the leader of the defense and you can just tell he is going to get the respect of his fellow players.

Terrell Lewis - Not to sound like a homer, but here is year another kid I am going to rave about. Has good size as he is 6'3 and around 215 pounds right now...I love this kids motor. He is all over the field. He has all the tools to be a high caliber OLB...He can rush the passer but also drop back in coverage and not miss a beat. He plays well in traffic and against the run but yet has the speed to play great in open space...He is a guy that won't have to come off of the field for any certain down or distance. There is nothing to not like about Lewis...he is also a good tackler. Give him some time in the S&C program and he will be a player for the Jackets.

DB - could add 1 more

Lance Austin - Lance plays QB at his HS in a wing t formation...he has put 800 yards in the air and 11 TDs while rushing he has added 967 yards and 19 touchdowns. He of course also plays almost every snap on defense as well...He projects as a CB at the next level and he has the tools to play that position. He likes to press at CB and jam at the LOS. He is also a hard hitter and a physical player.

Lawrence Austin - He has rushed for over 1,300 yards this year with almost 20 TDs and as his twin plays almost every snap on defense...Lawrence is interesting as he projects and is coming in at CB but could also be a A back if needed. Similar to Lance he is a very physical player that loves to hit....he is very quick as well. Roof did a good job of landing these twins.

Miles Taylor - The first commit in the 2014 class is one of the better ones...He is coming as a strong safety and he has the ability to be a 3 year or more starter. He is extremely talented and pretty well polished for his age. Taylor is yet another kid that is physical and likes to hit...seems to be a theme for Roof. Taylor plays against some of the top talent in the nation as he goes to Gonzaga high school. Iowa offered after he committed to Tech and Penn State is still showing a lot of interest in him.

Jalen Johnson - Jalen committed to Tech before his Senior year and sadly he suffered a pretty serious injury and had to miss majority of his Senior season. Johnson is one of the best athlethes in state of Alabama and can play on either side of the ball. He has committed to Tech as a safety but is also a really good WR. In HS he had 900 yards in the arir both his Sophomore year and Junior year...he also posted almost 90 tackles his Junior year and 5 picks. I really like Jalen and his overall game, he is a smooth player and has a lot of good upside.


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Yeah Eric it's kinda Homerism here but it's cool to be positive regarding recruiting.
It's interesting how coaches recruit to their systems when you contrast these recruits to the type of players Groh desired for his system.
Roof likes players like him:
Strong Leaders
Good hitters
High Motors

Large framed

Curious to see how they mix in the upcoming seasons.
I say we could use a nice stout DLineman a Tackle or NG
You forgot Steph Durham ??
Would love to flip Malcohm Parrish and have them both hold the corner position down.
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