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To All Swarm Members,

The last few seasons have been a rough time to be a Georgia Tech football fan. It's safe to say that no member of this site is truly happy with the current state or trajectory of our program. As fellow fans, we understand the need to "vent" after losses and have a place to take out your frustrations. That being said, these are the rules we insist be followed:

1. No personal attacks against other users. Not everyone shares your opinion or shares them as strongly. Treat fellow members with respect.
2. Provoking, trolling, or goading other users into personal arguments is forbidden.
3. No personal attacks on student athletes. It is acceptable to critique their play, but to call them out as lazy, talentless, etc., will not be tolerated.
4. No personal attacks on current or former coaches or GTAA staff, to include the AD. Again, critiquing is acceptable, epithets like ‘clown’ or ‘used car salesman’ or their ilk are not kosher and will not be tolerated.
5. Make your point, then let it go. Repetitive posts will be treated as spam and recycled with warnings attached.
6. Try and contain your critiques to the appropriate threads and try to limit these threads. We do not need to discuss firing coaches across multiple threads.
7. Please remember while you have the luxury of posting behind an anonymous handle on the internet, the people and families you are posting about are real people living through a challenging situation for all of us. Voicing displeasure with the situation is fair play, but advocating to bring more harm (physical, mental, or emotional) to the staff, players or families will not be tolerated.
8. If you find a post in poor taste, offensive, or questionable for any reason, please use the report function and send it to the admins and moderators for review rather than attack the user directly.

Again, we would like to thank you for your participation here. Your input has made this site a great place to interact with fellow fans, and we appreciate it.

Swarm Staff
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