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Projected 2014 two deep for 2014

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by Eric, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. Eric

    Eric Retired Co-Founder Staff Member

    Just my thoughts...I am going to include all current players that are have eligbilty remaining. Just because a player is on the depth chart does not mean he is 100% going to return.

    QB - Vad Lee, Justin Thomas
    A Back - Deon Hill, Charles Perkins
    A Back - Synjyn Days, BJ Bostic
    B Back - Zach Laskey, Travis Custis
    WR - Micheal Summers, Darren Waller
    WR - DeAndre Smelter, Anthony Autry
    LT - Chris Griffin, Nick Brigham
    LG - Trey Braun, Shamire Devine
    C - Freddie Burden, Thomas O'Reilly
    RG - Shaq Mason, Errin Joe
    RT - Chase Roberts, Bryan Chamberlain

    DE - Patrick Gamble, Kevin Robbins
    DE - Tyler Stargel, Anthony Williams
    DT - Adam Gotsis, Francis Kallon
    DT - Shawn Green, Jimmie Kitchen
    OLB - Tyler Marcordes, TreMayne McNair
    ILB - Jabari Hunt-Days, Anthony Harrell
    OLB - PJ Davis, Beau Hankins
    CB - DJ White, Lynn Griffin
    CB - Jamal Golden, Step Durham
    S - Isaiah Johnson, Demond Smith
    S - Chris Milton, Domonique Noble

    I think we will see Golden, Noble or even Milton switched to CB.

    Noble very well could beat out Milton at S.
  2. OldJacketFan

    OldJacketFan Helluva Engineer

    Good mix of experience and youth, it's going to be fun to see how it plays out.I like what I see and have high hopes for the first time starters, my feeling is that between their innate talent and the coaching they are getting there come be some blossoming stars on that chart! :D
  3. AE 87

    AE 87 Helluva Engineer

    A lot to be excited about and not a that much to be afraid of there, imo.

    That 2-deep looks pretty good. I wouldn't be surprised if Chase and Bryan start out at Tackle with Griffin winning the starting job after a few/several weeks.
  4. gtdrew

    gtdrew Banned

    From what ive seen at practice, and depending on some changes being made on the offensive line coaching staff, i think my startes on the ol would look like this:

    Just imo...oh, and the top is the left tackle and down from there.
  5. Eric

    Eric Retired Co-Founder Staff Member

    I bet Chris wins the job by the end of Spring. Would put money on him starting week 1.
  6. collegeballfan

    collegeballfan Helluva Engineer

    I would put Commissiong in at the #2 at either DT or NT. And I agree Braun is a sticker at LG. He has played well.

    There will be more depth next season than in recent seasons. It is "full glass" time.
  7. bat_082994

    bat_082994 Helluva Engineer

    What happened to Quayshawn Nealy? He's not a senior, is he? Also, with Nealy not in this depth chart, could Anthony Harrell see some time at OLB?
  8. AE 87

    AE 87 Helluva Engineer

    Yeah, cool! I've been a big fan of his since his junior year in HS. I was just thinking that CPJ might prefer to get him game experience off the bench as a way of pushing all of them. I'd be happy to be wrong.
  9. Eric

    Eric Retired Co-Founder Staff Member

    Commissiong has a lot of talent and experience in front of him...would be a good sign if he made 2nd string.
  10. bat_082994

    bat_082994 Helluva Engineer

    Here's my guess:

    QB: Vad Lee, Justin Thomas
    AB: Deon Hill, Synjyn Days
    AB: Charles Perkins OR BJ Bostic
    BB: Zach Laskey OR Travis Custis
    WR: DeAndre Smelter, Micheal Summers
    WR: Anthony Autry OR Darren Waller
    LT: Chris Griffin OR Chase Roberts
    LG: Trey Braun OR Shamire Devine
    C: Freddie Burden, Thomas O'Reilly
    RG: Shaq Mason, Errin Joe
    RT: Chase Roberts OR Brian Chamberlain

    SDE: Pat Gamble, Kevin Robbins
    WDE: Anthony Williams OR Tyler Stargel
    DT: Francis Kallon, Jimmie Kitchen
    NT: Adam Gotsis, Shawn Green
    SLB: Paul Davis OR Anthony Harrell OR Tyler Macordes
    MLB: JHD OR Harrell
    WLB: Quayshawn Nealy, Beau Hankins
    CB: DJ White, Step Durham
    CB: Lynn Griffin OR Jamal Golden
    FS: Jamal Golden OR Lynn Griffin *note on these two spots - I think either of capable at starting at either spot
    SS: Isaiah Johnson, Demond Smith

    KR: Jamal Golden, DeAndre Smelter
    PR: Jamal Golden
    K: Harrison Butker
    P: Ryan Rodwell OR Harrison Butker
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  11. Eric

    Eric Retired Co-Founder Staff Member

    I ALWAYS count him as a Senior...seems like he's been here forever. Correct he is a Junior. He will start next year ahead of Davis
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  12. bat_082994

    bat_082994 Helluva Engineer

    Just quit trying to get rid of him ;)
  13. Eric

    Eric Retired Co-Founder Staff Member

    I will miss him haha...he's very under the radar. Great player.
  14. Kcsunshine

    Kcsunshine Jolly Good Fellow

    Eric- I know you think a lot of Justin Thomas. I'm curious why you don't see Justin starting next season ahead of Vad?
    Thanks for everything you do.
  15. bat_082994

    bat_082994 Helluva Engineer

    If I had to guess, it's probably because of experience
  16. dressedcheeseside

    dressedcheeseside Helluva Engineer

    Caleb Kinlaw could come in and make the 2deep at Aback as a true freshman.
  17. OldJacketFan

    OldJacketFan Helluva Engineer

    I concur, he's one of the incoming freshmen I feel that can come on a push for a starting job
  18. Ibeeballin

    Ibeeballin GT Athlete

    I was thinking, what are the odds of seeing PJ Davis playing SS / nickel for us going forward? Being the 2014 Jemea
  19. Josh Nesbitt 4 Heisman

    Josh Nesbitt 4 Heisman Jolly Good Fellow

    This is my exact depth chart too!!
  20. GTonTop88

    GTonTop88 Helluva Engineer

    I figured McNair would take Watts place next year. Do you feel Macordes is better than him? What about Davis' chances of playing the position?

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