Pressley Harvin's Middle Name


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Note- the Vt guy muffed his punt off his face mask. That's 2! we have to devlope a theory = due to greater than normal height of the punt , when the ball comes over the top of its arc, the spiral slows and on decent it accelerates to a higher than normal decent speed. The speed and slower rotation causes the ball to behave like a knuckle ball and suddenly arc off course . This is known as The Harvin Deflection Effect . FEAR THE HDE


Helluva Engineer
Just like those "Dos Equis" beer commercials: "Percy Harvin III, is the most interesting punter in the world." He doesn't punt often, but when he does, he kicks the s#*t out of the football!

Glad he's a Yellow Jackets!

I think you just combined Percy Sledge and Pressley Harvin. That’s okay...I like them both. [emoji3]

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I'll be a bit upset if he leaves Tech without winning the Ray Guy.

Dude's our best player by position on the team by a long shot.
I was sad he had to punt the ball on the short side of the field. He had punted over 50 on his first two punts, and then the beauty that stopped at the 5 was only a 42. Sucks when your best punt of the night hurts your average.