Predict the things you might say during UT game...


Helluva Engineer
Got this thread idea from Volnation and it is pretty funny...I'll start:

"Our fans have found every shade on gold possible to wear"


"They have committed to the pitch and we are gashing them with the dive"

"JJ Green wide open!"

"Leaky Roof"

"We have a better chance of UGAs mascot dying before Thanksgiving than getting any pass rush today"

"I miss Harrison Butker and screw you Saban for taking Bulovas from us to warm your bench!!!!"

I have several things that I will in all likelihood say but I don't care to be banned before the first game.


Ramblin' Wreck
Atlanta, GA
-We're thisclose to breaking a big one on every play!
-Pitch it PLEASE!
-Gasp what a scary throw! I miss Justin Thomas already!
-Cmon Paul nobody's gonna fall for this obvious 4th down fake play crap unless you Go for it!
-I skipped American Ninja Warrior Vegas Finals for THIS??
-Can't wait to watch the replay of that hit/turnover/block when I get home.
-Oh no man get up please. We can't afford any injuries to the OL/DL.
-Omg Austin can't cover anybody!
-ANOTHER pick for Austin! Wait was that Lawrence or Lance?
-Go KirVonte Go...and he's Gone!!
-Looks like a loonng season ahead for the Vols with this pitiful qb.
-We run this SEC East!

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- thank goodness UT doesnt have a coach.

- with so many upperclassmen why are we still running a high school defense.

- i like how our d is ready for a quick punt on every play

- cpj is still the man. Gets it done year in and year out.

- these announcers suck. The lack of pre game homework is amazing.

- yes, we get that Tennessee is in the SEC.


"Well the officials called the obligatory phantom chop block but absolutely refuse to call the UT DTs for holding our OL when they pull or release....."

"That's not a friggin chop you moron!"


Helluva Engineer
Columbia, SC
"UT looks to be bigger, stronger and faster based on their personnel but two touchdowns behind based on the scoreboard"

Announcer before game "losing Mills was a big blow to the team"
After the game "losing Mills certainly didn't hurt Tech tonight"