Predict the score - Wofford


Ramblin' Wreck
You are the only guy I've seen with a dose of realistic expectations,the line is 29 and most of the folks that us winning by 35
how many games do you think we will win?

I won, I won, I wanna jump on a wall and lead the GT fight song...
Yea, I thought all the scores were real high with Wofford running ball control offense like Tech. I worked with a girl who's nephew played for them when they almost beat Clemson a couple of years ago, thought they would be ready for Tech.
Nice game for Tech, Tech played real good but Wofford was enough to keep Tech getting over confident.
For the season, I like this team, I'm thinking 9-10 wins but youth factor, injuries may come into play. I think Tech is really set up to be a really good team 2015/2016