Predict 2013 Season Record


Ramblin' Wreck
Since the season is around the corner, I was wondering what the rest of you guys think our record will be and who you think we beat and lose. Here are my predictions:

Elon - W; FCS blowout
@Duke - W; I think this will be one of the closer games we play this season
UNC - W; another close game with UNC trying to get revenge but Vad will do his thing!
VT - W; 50/50 toss up for me and im going with the good guys
@Miami - W; still upset over how we shouldve won last year
@BYU - L; first loss traveling that far isnt easy
Syracuse - W; Syracuse isnt ready for the TO
@Virginia - W; Tech has not had a lot of luck at Virginia but I like CPJ over London
Pitt - W; a tough played game but Pitt isnt ready for TO either
@Clemson - L; we have had a successful season so far and the momentum keeps us riding high but we lose in OT
Alabama A&M - W; FCS
The Cesspool - W; I am always hopeful that this will be the year, but I do believe it will be a closer game than the last 2 years

Final: 10-2 for Regular Season

For me, this is a tough schedule, but I dont see a game that we have absolutely no chance in. If we play to our potential and expectation, this can be a really good season! Maybe I have been drinking a little too much Kool-Aid lately haha

What do you guys think?


Helluva Engineer
I say 8-4, we have yet to have a season without a head scratching loss. It's football and it's GT so I expect a loss to UNC- they have to beat us one of these days right? Other losses are to BYU, Clemson, and UGA. Good wins over Miami and VPI. Can probably make it to the ACC championship game with a record like that


Jolly Good Fellow
Elon - W
@Duke - W
VT - W This may be close, but I strongly believe we should not have lost to them in any of the games we played them in since '06. 2008 - BS helmet-to-helmet, we lose our starting qb for the season in 2010 (and still nearly win), 2011 a penalty while we were up 5 on a 3rd and long, 2012 - don't want to talk about it.
@Miami - L They've had our number. Shoulda beat em last year, can't say the same about 2009 - 2011 though.
@BYU - W This is a defining game in the season. If we win this game, the toughest stretch of this season is over If Vad can take our boys into BYU and pull out a win you better believe they'll be amped when they return home to face
Syracuse - W Welcome to Atlanta (Kansas-esque)
@Virginia - W Don't know why we always have trouble with these guys on the road, but we should get them this year.
Pitt - W
@Clemson - L Although I can see us winning this game. We generally play well against climpsun. I'm a young GT fan but I have to say, the Clemson fans were great when I was there.
Alabama A&M - W
u(sic)ga - W Gotta call for the win here. UGA is vastly overrated, as usual. They'll start the season 0-2 again. Maybe I'm biased. But I just don't buy the "special season Dream Team win-the-SEC" crap after hearing it year in year out.

Final: 10-2 but I think we lose a game in there we shouldn't, so 9-3 is my official prediction.


Ramblin' Wreck
We are fans. We get to drink Kool-Aid from time to time.

8-4. Losses: BYU, VT, Pitt, UGA

This is probably obvious, but if we win 2/3 against Miami, VT, and UNC, I think we win the Coastal. It's hard to believe that we don't lose to either VT or Miami based on past performance. Traveling to BYU is tough. I threw in the Pitt loss because we tend to slip up against a team that we all expect to beat unless we have a team that is really special. UGA may have a slow start to the season, but they are typically a much improved team by November. Here's hoping that we will be much improved as well.

A minimum 8-4 record while being very competitive in our losses will convince me we are headed in the right direction. I hope this the case. I'm a big CPJ fan.


Helluva Engineer
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We should take Pitt more seriously. They have a great D and great defenses tend to give us problems exponentially. They also have experience with option teams.


Helluva Engineer
North Shore, Chicago
12-0, then 13-0, then 14-0. How's that for Kool-Aid?

We have some tough games, but I don't think there's anyone on our schedule we can't beat. There will be some games that will be a tougher win than others, but no "for sure" losses. Therefore, I'm assuming we'll win until we don't.

AE 87

Helluva Engineer
I'm going to say 11-1 (13-1). We lose 1 of BYU and U[sic]Ga. OR 14-0 MNC's baby!


Jolly Good Fellow
Realistically: 9-3 (dropping two of Clemson, UGA, BYU and one **** up game to UVA, Miami, or Pitt)

Homer: 15-0 after we crush AL in the MNC (they give us two wins for that).

Mitch Brown

Georgia Tech Fan
In all seriousness, 10 wins regular season is a real possibility, which is close to making it to a BCS bowl. I think we lose to the tigers in an emotional Thursday Night game, and unfortunately we lose to Georgia. If that's how it plays out, that's almost automatically a bid to the ACCCG, and it would depend on who we play for the rights to the Orange bowl. If we get FSU this year again, I think we move to 11-2 before the bowls are announced. Obviously I'm being optimistic, but in for a penny, in for a pound.


Staff member
9-3 is my averaged guess.

I also believe we'll beat BYU this year. They lost some key players on defense.


Jolly Good Fellow
atlanta ga
I say we beat either Miami, Clemson, BYU or UGA but lose ugly to a gimme. Heck, we could go winless until the UGA game and I'd call it a successful season if we destroy their Nat'l Title hopes.


Georgia Tech Fan
11-2 going to the orange bowl!! Clemson gets us in the regular season but we get them in December.