Practice Reports 8/12


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He had major shoulder surgery. Shoulders are never the same after surgery. IIRC he had a torn labrum. The worse kind of shoulder injury. He's been playing AB for 2 years now. Depending on Leggett's head's the Laskey/Connors show this year at BB.

He can't handle carries up the middle because of his shoulders but he can block LBs, DEs, and DBs? OK...

After Laskey you have:

Conners: former walk on, 2nd string but CPJ feels the need to rep Synjyn at BB "just in case"
Wilson: Redshirt freshmen who spent last season as an AB. Wouldn't even be in the discussion at BB had Brendan Douglas signed and Custis was still here.
CJ Leggett: True freshmen. Enough said.

If CPJ was confident in the backups you seriously think Days would be repping at BB? Perkins is a starting AB on paper right now, but that doesn't mean CPJ would never move a player because of need (see: Donovan Wilson). Let's not forget, Perkins was the starting BB at one point.


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FYI: on injuries with concussions, many high schools do it and GT as well as any college team worth brass does it. When you report you take a concussion test on the computer- most kids tell me they have trouble with it when they are healthy, After an injury you have to pass this test (of course along with other diagnosis test). To return to the field.


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As I have posted, Andrews didn't have a good first two weeks of camp.

The older guys have