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Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by Eric, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. Eric

    Eric Retired Co-Founder Staff Member

    Has anyone went back and watched it? I just could not make myself do it this time and I have already deleted it.

    Here is some things I noticed during the game..feel free to add your thoughts.

    - Louis Young really played bad early on...and I could not stand when the WR dropped a pass he got up celebrating like he did something after he had been burned twice. I had a lot of hope going into this year with him.

    - Jemea Thomas plays his heart out every snap..I love that kid. He is just a football doubt in my mind he will have a long career in the NFL. He started the game at S but switched to CB after we could not cover guys.

    - Godhigh is the only real threat on the offense....Great player.

    - Gotsis is coming on...He is quite the player. Happy with what I see in him.

    - The OL is just awful. This is the worst OL I have ever seen play hands down...I am sick of seeing the same mistakes every week. The same false starts we were making against VT we are still making now...It is sick to see. Chamberlain is really playing poorly...I mean really bad. But is is not just him. The unit as a whole is bad.

    - Is there anyone who wants us to keep Sewak?

    - We are a poorly coached team. We seem to always be missing the easy blocking or messing up a play...the offense is a disaster as a unit.

    - Where have the half time adjustments gone? In years past I always felt confident if the game was close going in to half due to the adjustments that CPJ would make. Now are half it seems the D makes changes but we can not adapt.

    - Vad really is not playing that bad...The kid doesnt have a second to pass or make a read.

    - Justin Thomas is going to the guy soon IMO.
  2. GTrob21

    GTrob21 Helluva Engineer

    Watched the game twice. Here is my honest assessment.

    1) Louis Young still is bad, I too had high hopes for him. He grabs and doesn't look for the ball. I have never played CB or talked to a coach of one, so I don't know if this is technique or not, but to me it sure seems as though its an automatic 15 yards... He is much better is short cover routes and the bubble routes. Louis Young is a physical guy, who just can't seem to cover the back 3rd.

    2) Except Gotsis, our DL got manhandled last night. There were many plays where multiple holes were opened up by the BYU OL. Since I was a running back, it reminded me of the drill where they would lay three mats down, you had to pick a lane and there would be 1 guy on D. You had a 1/3 chance of getting your bell rung, except vs us, it looked like the RB had a 100% of picking up 5 plus yards a carry. I don't know what their Yards per play was in the 1st half but it had to be 6-7 yards or even more.

    3) Roof made adjustments and despite a horrible 1st half, kept up in the game in the 3rd. We held them to 3 straight 3 and outs at one point after half, and we had the opportunity to turn the tide and win the game. Kudos to Roof and his staff.

    4) Offense: honestly our Offense is horrifically bad right now. Probably the worst since Johnson got here. I know Johnson thinks otherwise, but Vad missed huge pass plays practically all night. We don't run much of the triple option, it's mostly the double option reads, but when Vad does make the correct read, the plays usually turn out pretty well. Vad has a tendancy to hold onto the ball though and usually the play stalls

    5) Offensive Line: Sit all them down and play the back-ups. I may be wrong, but it couldn't get much worse than what we are seeing. Send a message, do something.

    6) Tackling. In the first half we missed a good amount of tackles. We seem to be getting worse as the season goes on.

    7) Fan base: We are divided and fighting with each other. As an organization this is not a good place to be in, if I were the CEO, this would be my number one concern, and it reminds me the last days of Chan Gailey. I honestly don't think Paul has the answers right now, and I think He is frustrated.

    8) There is no way out for atleast a year and a half unless some big donor steps up. Not likely to happen, but I think that is the only way. I also expect season ticket sales and the luxury suits to take a noticeable hit next year.

    9) I think we will go 7-5, hopefully 8-5 with a bowl win :)
  3. John

    John Peacekeeper Staff Member

    I know CPJ has already said that it's not just Vad but I do have to mention that Vad came off the bench after Tevin's INT against BYU last year. Up until that point, I think we still had a chance to tie up the game. Then the Tevin 2-series, Vad 2-series thing started.

    I don't think CPJ will do that yet but I agree with ya Eric, I can see Justin getting more playing earlier in games.
  4. Tempest_12

    Tempest_12 Ramblin' Wreck

    CPJ? Gotta to be the only one. I'm hoping Bobinski comes down and tells CPJ to fire CMS. Can Bobinski just fire CMS himself???

    Since I've never played a down of real FB, how do we work on improving our blocking? It's our biggest problem right now.
  5. CuseJacket

    CuseJacket Administrator Staff Member

    Unrelated to this game specifically, but the first six games of this season are a great reminder of why everyone should take offseason press (i.e., largely only optimism) with a grain of salt. How many guys were expected to lock in and make this their year? How bout the best o-line ever under CPJ? The gross feeling we all have in our stomachs right now is due to failure to meet expectations. This should be a reminder that talk is cheap; you need to see it to believe it.
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  6. Longestday

    Longestday Helluva Engineer Featured Member

    I re-watched the game and tried to figure our issues on offense.

    False starts is the number 1 issue. This forces the pass and we just are not very good at passing or pass protection. This is the number one killer of drives. False starts may be the difference in being 3 and 3 as opposed to 5 and 1.

    Passing is bad. The low touch on long passes, the lack of protection, and the team is low on the circus receiving skills/or even hit in the hands skills. Play action is open and they are loading the box. I know why CPJ is passing, but I hate that we are passing given our success rate.

    We are not running the offense we want to run. This is two fold. 1st is Vad does not have the experience/quick decision needed to run effectively yet. 2nd is the blocking ability to set up easier reads.

    Lastly, I would rather not pass away those fourth quarter drives. I know that there is not enough time for us to run and comeback and CPJ knows the only way to comeback is to hit the quick TD. Still, I would rather keep on pushing down the field and do an onside kick and pass with less than 2 minutes left.

    Vad is doing ok and will get better, but I would not mind a 2 and 2 rotation if Justin can run the TO. I am rooting/hoping/pulling for Vad, but am open to JT/Byerly .

    I would like to see more roll out Vad runs or Roll out pass to the BB.
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  7. AE 87

    AE 87 Helluva Engineer

    Losses are losses, but it's frustrating how close this offense is to being really good without finishing the job. In yards and yards per play we're comparable to some of the best offenses our opponents have faced, and that's while playing badly (rhymes with).

    If we can get our D and O to play at potential for a whole game, then we could be competitive with anyone. Right now though, we're going to struggle to get bowl eligible.
  8. John

    John Peacekeeper Staff Member

    I thought this too. However, when I mentally add all the issues up that's been reoccurring, I talk myself out of believing that.
  9. AE 87

    AE 87 Helluva Engineer

    I hear you, but consider these numbers (pts/game, pts v BYU):
    UVA, 22.3, 19 w/safety
    TX, 33, 21
    Ut 37, 20
    MTSU 22.6, 10
    Ut St 34.1, 14
    GT 32.7, 20

    We basically scored as many points against them as anybody, including some pretty decent O's, even with all our problems.
  10. dressedcheeseside

    dressedcheeseside Helluva Engineer

    Our offense requires all 11 guys to do their job on every play. Instead we have 9 guys do their job and 2 guys fail. It's a different 2 guys each play and that's what's so maddening. When the qb is one of the 2 guys, it's really bad.
  11. SoCal_GT_Fan

    SoCal_GT_Fan Ramblin' Wreck

    Here's a good film session video (only a minute and a half long) by the BYU network.
  12. dressedcheeseside

    dressedcheeseside Helluva Engineer

    Mason, our best OL, whiffs on the cut and blows up a play that should have gone a LONG way.

    All it takes is one guy to blow his job and it kills the whole play. Last year we didn't play perfect, but still made plays. This year it takes perfect play by everybody for a play to work.
  13. awbuzz

    awbuzz Helluva Engineer

    execution makes all the difference.

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