post spring Q&A with CPJ


Helluva Engineer
We seem to go round and round with these debates. I don't mind rehashing so I will jump in too. Is our offense more boring than pro style? Not to me....I find pro style short passing game offenses to be the utmost in boring football. Dinking and dunking the ball down the field doesn't do much for me but if you told me we could win with it I'd be okay with that scheme.
I personally prefer our system. I love hits and few offenses put more defenders on their butts on any given play than ours. And when we do throw's often an explosion play. You say we need to improve our screen passing game? We effectively execute this type of play with various run plays such as the rocket toss. I guess you might say screen passes are effective in pro style because you hit the defense with them when they are cheating the other way and surprise them. Do we not benefit in a similar fashion with the deep ball? Ours goes for TD's when we complete them. Pro style screens will only go for TDs if everyone makes their block and perhaps the receiver makes one guy miss...kinda like our veer or rocket toss maybe?
You want to compare our offense to Bama's? Compare their balance to our run heavy orientation? You say McCarron can sling it downfield when defenses cheat bama's run game? How many McCarrons have you seen Tech recruit in your lifetime? None in mine. I've seen some great QBs...Shawn Jones and Joe Ham to name two. Neither would be considered superior to McCarron in a pro set. Ask yourself this. How many elite pro style QBs do you think we could land in the next ten years if we switched to a pro set tommorow? How many could we steal away from Bama, UGA, FSU? If we were to find a better one it will most likely only happen by stealing an unknown and under recruited gem. Do we maybe stand a better shot of landing an elite athletic QB? History would indicate yes. I'll take our current system thank you.
We throw the "smoke" route when the the corner is cheating back, not sure if that's considered a screen or not. Btw, I'd love to see us get back to this play more often. Seems like Smelter is tailor-made for it.