Poor Wake


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The hiring of Danny Manning is more than likely going to turn out great. If you think otherwise, I'd ask if you know all the facts.

  1. Native of North Carolina originally
  2. College National Champion
  3. College National Player of the Year
  4. #1 overall draft pick
  5. Solid NBA career
  6. Went back to his alma mater and started his coaching career on the bottom rung
  7. Moved up the coaching ladder, learning from a proven winner
  8. Was a recruiting gem, given his background, and proven big man developer
  9. Took over a program and in year 2 had them in the NCAA tournament
This is someone who went back and put in the work to be in position for a great job, which Wake is. He's a lesser name than their fans wanted, but once he arrived, they realized quickly they may have landed a good one.