Pitt game moved to Dec 10 (Thurs)


Helluva Engineer
Augusta, GA
It's been that way for a while now. I just graduated in the spring (not from Tech) and we had half the students have graduation on Friday and the other half on Saturday. The ceremonies were also spread out throughout the day based on the type of degree that you earned and the individual school that you attended.
WOW. Times sure have changed


Helluva Engineer
Saturday game than 7 days next Saturday game than 7 days and the 3rd Saturday game. So unless I missed something that is 6 more days then 14 , but I drink too much so check me out.

Well I can see how you got 14 but oh hell I knew I was too drunk to answer this but I guess they count the 6 days before the first game
When people as me why I don't drink anymore, I reply that I know a guy that has me covered. No need to challenge the king when you know you'll lose.


Ramblin' Wreck
I'd just as well cancel all the rest of games.We are underdogs in all 3 and will be lucky not to be embarrassed probably.

Better Beat Duke. I said it before the season and I am saying it now that it is at hand. Most important game on the schedule. We have to get past them to keep moving up. We are 1-5 against Duke in the last 6 years. They will probably wimp out if they think they are going to lose to us.