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PG Problems

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Basketball' started by kg01, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. kg01

    kg01 Get-Bak! Coach Featured Member

    Really like Jorg. He had all the makings before he went down. Could be the elixir we've been needing literally for years.

    You make a good point that we don't have a capable finisher on the team. MGH seems capable of developing into one if he can use his strength to get through contact. None of the other guards appear capable of executing a layup in traffic. They haven't been able to separate from their defenders and usually end up blocked or fouled w/o and-1. Could be a confidence thing as everyone looks a little defeated at this point.

    Hope Tadric can help and, like I said in the Anas thread, I hope we can pick up another guard this recruiting cycle somehow (not post-grad).
  2. connell62

    connell62 Helluva Engineer Featured Member

    It would be great if a high-level guard would open up, or if a late bloomer would show up on the horizon, but at this point, it looks like any help in the backcourt would be via grad-transfer. I'm not sure I would waste the ship on a four year player unless it was a high-level kid. I agree, we can use all the help we can find in the back court, but I'm not sure that a flyer on a project this late would be the best use of the ship.

    With that said, I think that you will see our staff be very active on the recruiting trails leading up to the late period. Aside from Anas, I have already seen our name associated with several others. The only problem there is that anyone that shows any flashes or potential at this point will have a long list of suitors.

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