Perimeter Blocking


Helluva Engineer
Yesterday was the best blocking I've seen on the edge by the A-backs and WR's since 2010. Perkins and Summers pancaked guys all day. If we can block like that it doesn't matter what defense we see, we can gain some yards. I expect us to attack Southern on the edge just like Tulane until they adjust. Then the b-back will be open. JT didn't have his best game and we still win on the road. Ball security is key.


Helluva Engineer
Tulane was playing deep safeties. Most teams bring those guys close to the LOS and up on the snap. It doesn't matter how well you block if they bring more guys than you have blockers. Hopefully, we can exploit any way the D decides to play us. Wofford stuffed the box and we passed all over them. Tulane played it safe and we ran all over them. The flexibility that shows is a very, very good sign. Hopefully, it's not just a result of inferior athletes.

Yaller Jacket

Ramblin' Wreck
Carrying dressedcheese's point further, I wonder how much the game film from last week affected their plan with the safeties? Maybe if we can continue to complete passes if they keep the safeties too close in, other teams will not be able to flood the side we're running on as they have in recent years.