Paul Johnson Radio Show- 9/18


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I didn't see anything posted on this, so here's the link to listen:

Some pretty good tidbits.
-Back to full strength.
-Thinks Will Bryan would play even better if they were able to leave him at one position, but due to depth he needs to move around. Younger guys might be able to help with that once they are ready.
-Coach Johnson likes noon kickoffs because he gets to spend time with his family after. Doesn't like to wait around all day to play.
-Fall scrimmages at 9 on Saturdays have helped his teams view on early games.
-They knew last Monday that they weren't going to play the UCF game, players were disappointed.
-Took the weekend off.
-Would play a game on the bye week if anyone is willing.
-Coach talked a lot about kids not being happy to redshirt. A lot of really good players redshirted (Demaryius Thomas, JeT, etc.)
-Perfect storm of things went wrong for Pitt in Ok. St. game.
-Kicking battle at practice this week.
-Durant Brooks showed high praise for Harvin. Brooks mentioned that he couldn't play for Johnson because they don't punt enough (lol, punter perspective)
-9/11 on red zone touchdowns (10/11 total scores).

I wasn't able to finish the entire thing on the way to work this morning. Feel free to post stuff that I missed.

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Bless you, JoeBrew. It was so quiet on the boards after the show I thought maybe it had been cancelled. My local outlet can't get the schedule down. Glad to see your summary.