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Our Yellow Jackets!!!!!

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by Leonard Larramore, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. Leonard Larramore

    Leonard Larramore Helluva Engineer

    Reading several comments on other website about the team, the coach, season etc..

    First let's address the reoccurring statement that we have a lack of talent. We have more talent than many wish to acknowledge. We just seem to try to fit a square peg in a round whole. In other words we have players in the wrong position and the outcome is a team that is struggling to find their identity.

    *I personally feel that Jeremiah Attaochu should have remained a linebacker. Prior to this season Jeremiah played linebacker in high school and his first 3 years at Tech. He was very effective in the LB position.I feel it was a bad move to place him at DE during his last year. He has the physical ability but has not had enough time to make the transition mentally.

    "Jemea Thomas is a the most physical defensive back that we have. He is a great corner but is needed at the Strong Safety position. We need someone else to step up at corner. DJ White or Lynn Griffin. I would really like to see either Jemea and either Lynn Griffin or Dominique Noble. Earlier someone made a suggestion that Brandon Watts would be a good safety.

    DB Coach (Speed). Everyone is screaming about the inexperience of our DB's or lack of depth but they are forgetting the inexperience of our DB coach. Though coach speed was a good DB coach at Navy he does not have the experience at coaching DB's at Tech (D1 level of competition). Different level all of competition all together. Anyone can see the confusion in the secondary. Blown coverage after coverage. Missed assignments. Coach Speed is a good coach but his position of strength is inside linebackers. No disrespect to Coach Speed but the play of the guys speaks volumes. Lou Young has not been challenged or coached up therefore his level of play is becoming mediocre. Coach Charles Kelly played as DB in college, was tutored in a system with an excellent DB training program and therefore has a better understanding of the DB position. Coach Kelly placed 8 guys into the NFL. On top of this, he took a GT special teams unit who was ranked 119th in the nation to being ranked second the following year. He was also responsible for inheriting 4 new starters in the secondary and developing a team that was ranked 2nd in the ACC and 28th national. I am very fond of Coach Roof but I think Coach Kelly should have been given a shot as the defensive coordinator. Several people have screamed about Coach Johnson's loyalty well this is one case in which he should have shown it.

    Defensive Line is not playing up to their potential. They are not dominating or drawing any double teams. Their lack of effectiveness upfront is preventing the linebackers from making plays and allowing the opponents offensive linemen from getting up field to block the linebackers. The talent is there. Coach Johnson needs to have a closed door heart to heart meeting and build their confidence.

    Offensive Line is not playing well. Guys I have watched both the VT and Miami game again and I am seeing opponents that have made the necessary adjustments to the cut block. In the past, defenders would look into the backfield to identify the ball carrier therefore subjecting themselves to the cut block. VT, Miami, and BYU defenders slowed down the game and kept their eyes on the offensive player who is assigned to make the block. They are extending their arms and driving our guys into the ground. Once our guys are down they are unable to assist with the offensive play. Go back and watch the last 3 games. Defenders are also taking angles and perfectly timing the snap. They are diving into our backfield while our players are positioning themselves to execute the cut block. Our guys are not use to this because they are not practicing against this aggressive style of defense. The result is our guys trying harder to adjust their timing and make the cut block which results in them missing the block or drawing a penalty for false starts.

    Quarterback - Vad is going to be fine. Justin is something special too. Vad has to work on his throwing mechanics look at his highschool highlights. . Vad was not a option QB until Ga Tech. Look at Justin's Highlights He seems to be more of an option QB. Many feel that Vad should know the system now but I think Vad is having trouble adjusting to the option. Justin is a better option QB but his size and his desire to run first may pose a slight problem for him. Vad grew up too fast. The ESPN, Magazines, Interviews, General Lee comments all forced this young man to think that he had it all together when in fact he needed more work.

    These are just some of the things that I see. Can it be fixed? Coach Johnson has fired coaches, called out players, talked about recruiting, made statements such as the teams we lost to have a combined record of 9-1 (prior to BYU). But now it is time for him to COACH OUT OF THE BOX!!!!! Running the same plays makes you predictable. Offense works in the first half then crumbles in in the 4th qt. Why because we have become predictable.

    Don't make Sewak the scapegoat for this season. We have blamed Owens stating he cannot recruit, We blamed Al Groh stating he was to complex, We have blamed Sewak stating can't recruit or coach the line, Coach Johnson blamed special teams stating they provide him with poor field position to start his offense, we have blamed the academics, called kids stupid for not selecting Ga Tech, blamed the SEC (right now they have superior marketing), what or who is left. Don't get me wrong we have some things to fix let's look at the changes that really need to be made. It is time for GT to evolve!!!!!!!

    I am not professing to know it all but I think that some of you will agree that change is needed

    LET'S GO JACKETS!!!!!!! GT 32 - Syracuse 17
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  2. Eric

    Eric Retired Co-Founder Staff Member

    Jeremiah played DE in HS.

    His future is a 3-4 OLB.
  3. Leonard Larramore

    Leonard Larramore Helluva Engineer

    No disrespect Eric didn't he play both. If I am wrong I stand corrected. Thou are the man!
  4. ATL1

    ATL1 Helluva Engineer

    6 years in and GT is mediocre at best. It's time to move on. They're other options out there, and in my opinion better ones.
  5. AE 87

    AE 87 Helluva Engineer

    No one is stopping you from moving on. Choose another option and have fun.
  6. GTrob21

    GTrob21 Helluva Engineer

    Bet you two won't swing....
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  7. John

    John Peacekeeper Staff Member

    Leonard, while I don't agree with everything you posted, I see the points you are making and appreciate the manner in which you voiced your opinion.

    About the defensive backs, (*knock on wood*) they don't look as lost as we did when Groh was here. Sure, we've given up deep passes/TDs but I think most of them had to do with one of our guys getting beat rather than the DBs not knowing who they were supposed to cover. We've seen a ton of that last year especially. So maybe bad coverage techniques and plays by individual players but to me that's better than bad coverage because two guys were completely confused about who they were supposed to cover. I'm giving CTR some time to get those things fixed. It's kind of funny to me how these 2nd half adjustments on defense is working out really well so far. It's almost as if the defensive gameplan going into these games just happen to be wrong and it catches the defense completely off-guard.

    Offensive line, I'd like for the coaching staff to take a field trip up to Philly and talk to Chip Kelly's staff. I've only watched the Eagles once this season so I'm not sure if they are running the similar type of offense Kelly ran at Oregon but having watched Oregon, I just don't see the same mess of bodies flailing on the ground as soon as the ball is snapped like I do with our OL. Biggest difference I see is that when we run the option under center, the dive hits the defensive line a lot faster than when Oregon runs the dive/counter dive.

    As for Vad, the more we have games like we've seen in the past three games, I'm afraid he'll hesitate more and more because he's going to try to win the game by himself. Biggest improvement that I saw with Tevin was when he learned to stay in the pocket (and in rare cases also stepped UP in the pocket) and didn't just try to make the deep pass but checked down. I think Vad will get there soon enough but Justin is at his heels.
  8. Leonard Larramore

    Leonard Larramore Helluva Engineer

    I guess we will just have to watch the rest of the season and hope that we play 4 quarters of hard nosed football
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