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danny daniel

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C Roberts was injured in the Clemson game. I was at the game and I believe it was a punt play. He was down on the field quite a while but later walked to the dressing room. Best of luck to him.

Rodney Kent

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I have observed posts from "Jerry The Jacket" from other boards. Personally, I do not know him or anything about him, but his posts generally offers a rational view of the situation. I, for one, enjoy his remarks regarding the various football posts.


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Jerry you say stuff like this a lot. And I wonder, what makes you a qualified mind reader or body language translator?
I can answer with my thoughts.To start ,he(Joe) is listed at 326 which looks to be 25 lbs too much if you have looked at picture of him.Look at Braun and then at him and you see why Braun gets playing time.
Nothing has been said in past about him pushing for p/t and then with extra weight........


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No I did not have the great honor and priviledge of playing football at Georgia Tech. However, I am a lifelong fan nearing my mid 60's. I devote too much time to following the team and form my opinions on personal observations. Sometimes I say things that offend or put off others. That is not my primary intent but I believe in calling it as I see it and always have. I wish Joe would be an All American; the only guy happier than me would be him. I just have watched him from afar for the past several years and so far he has made a very minimal contribution in return for his scholarship. I think the past usually dictates the future so I for one do not see him being a contributor this year. We certainly need him to be but he will have to show me before I believe it.

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Wasn't he hurt all last year???