Option Plays


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Your football knowledge is just not that great. JT missed some reads but not bc he predetermined them. He could not play QB for us if he had to decide presnap whether to pitch or keep. I don't mind your constantly biased posts, because I welcome different views on this board, but you don't have the best grasp of real football discussions.

Vad played qb for us and looked to make most of his reads in the huddle. ;) Couldn't resist, there are pre snap reads but I thought JT was reading the option as opposed to deciding in the huddle. There were times when you can see he was wasn't as focused in pitching, but this is his first start. That will come with time. It truly is different between games and practice.


Jolly Good Fellow
Only a couple of these were true belly option 3-O. Most of the rest were a fake dive and a double option. Very few of the decisions maximized the available yardage, IMO. The give to Synjyn was wrong, for sure. The pitch/pass to Snoddy was inadvisable, results be damned.

The QB, when gaining the edge, is usually coached to attack to inside shoulder of the man taking him, and force him to commit (see the old GSU playbooks). JT, like Vad before him, tends to make his decision way before necessary, when he still has 3 or 4 yards of space. This negates the value of the option and allows one man to play both the QB and the pitch. It really minimizes the chances of hitting a big play on the pitch, especially when JT is within 3 or 4 yards of the sideline before pitching, due to his speed. The defense just flows to the edge and doesn't get spread out. Maybe I'm mis-remembering, but I thought Nesbitt tended to run a more attacking arc that was just outside the hash marks. Best example I can think of was the long Anthony Allen TD against Clemson in 2009. Damn I miss JFN. I really thought we were destined to find more like him or better, but as the years go by, you realize how special he was.

The things I like about JT are a willingness to cut up field and take a hit, and the speed to the edge. Sometimes he can make an iffy decision or outrun the pitch relationship, and it doesn't matter because he is stepping out of bounds with a 7 yard gain in hand. We haven't had that type of QB yet.


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To me, some of the botched reads were more because there wasnt a play to be made. Still, there's always room for improvement. Only his second start, ya know

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Option 10, the forward pass to Snoddy should have been flagged as "ineligible man down field" should it not? Because basically all of the linemen were already well past the line of scrimmage at the time the pass was made it means the refs missed the penalty. A lateral or pitch can be made anywhere but not the forward pass and it has to do with where the linemen are and the line of scrimmage, right? Or am I not understanding the rules? I actually had asked Roddy about an issue closely related to this very scenario at a scrimmage and based on what he told me we were in agreement that you can almost never make a "pass" out of our triple option play because the linemen would always end up flagged as ineligible receivers downfield.

Too strange that in the very first game this scenario came up. Now I need to talk to Roddy about it again. :) I want to know if my opinion that "the refs missed a penalty" is correct or not.

However, if I am wrong or if we could use Thomas's speed to get to the corner for Snoddy then lateral/pitch back the ball to him so he can just turn on his straightline speed it would be a pretty slick play. Maybe line Snoddy up as a WR and use him on a smoke route if you can get a lead blocker for him.