On Purpose or Just Happened?

Rodney Kent

Ramblin' Wreck
McDonough, GA
Watch the items in the AJC regarding UGA and Tech news. Just one of many examples is today's reporting on the scrimmages from GT and UGA.

The article on the Tech Scrimmage was for paying customers only, while the article regarding UGA's scrimmage was free to all. Now, the High School recruits who look at the free on-line reports of football from the two schools appear to have much more news than Tech. It seems any news from Tech is for the paying customers which tends to exclude the High School players, while they can easily read about the UGA football news.

If you wanted to slant the news provided to influence more recruits to read about UGA football, then print their news free, and exclude the non-paying High School recruits.

Does it happen all the time? No, but enough to be able to perceive a biased objective by a biased news reporting AJC. However, anytime there is a negative item regarding GT or its sports, the news item will always be free to read.