OK, #BCvsGT Postgame. BC wins 41-30


Helluva Engineer
Okay, 52 seconds left in the first half, and two time outs. We watch the time tick away until we call our first and only one after going out of bounds with three seconds left. I'm thinking that might really be the worst time management at the end of a half I have ever seen.
keep tracking it. Collins will add to that.


Ramblin' Wreck
Jurkovec scoring on what had to be a 2-minute-31-yard-QB-keeper had to be the signature play of the game.

(it was legitimately a 31-yard keeper. It only felt like 2 minutes to me, watching)
I actually thought we let them score so we would have enough time left on the clock.


Ramblin' Wreck
There has been nothing left unsaid. Changes need to be made.

We gave up their season average in yardage at halftime. We gave VT their season average at halftime. We gave up 600 yards in 3 quarters vs UVA. We gave up 42 points to Pitt. BC scored double their previous high in ACC play. We have had 5+ players have career days against us. We got the ball at midfield twice on failed onside kicks and went 3 and out and 4 and out. We ran on 3rd and 20+ then went for it at 4th and 19. We ran 25 seconds off the clock with two timeouts and under a minute in the first.

We are a bad football team and a bad program and I feel bad about it,