Number of Commitments - What Do GT, Stanford and Northwestern Have In Common?

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    Towards NSD we talked about the number of commits we would be able to take this year. 21 commits for GT this year was a lot of commits for us.

    When you look at the number of commits for a four year period (2011-2014), we had the third least commits at 74. This was the third least with only Northwestern (72) and Stanford (73) having fewer. For the four years of 2010-2013, we had the fewest at 71.

    A few observations.
    • It is a distinct benefit to have more recruits since they don't always work out, even 4 or 5 star recruits. When you recruit 1/3 more players (UGAg 99 to GT 74), you have a much better chance of having the kids who work out on the field.
    • The best academic schools in general have fewer recruits. Probably because the kids go to these schools for the right reasons - academics - and stay in school. In addition to GT, NW and Stanford, Duke has a low number of recruits and so does BC. (UGAg has a high number since Richt has recruited those who go on to commit crimes and leave the team.)
    • CPJ should continue to be commended for honoring his scholarship commitments. His recruiting practices result in lower numbers of commits and puts us at a disadvantage, but it's the right thing to do. Hopefully, this is used in the recruits living rooms when talking to the kids parents and the kids. 5 years at GT is worth the investment for the next 50 that they will be working.
    • I got around to updating my Scout recruiting and JHowell Power Ranking database and will be posting a few other things. The pdf of just the 4 year average of recruit numbers is attached.

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    What's the rate of the number of commits actually becoming contributors to their team? Smaller number of commits means you better hit on the players recruited in. I'm gonna go on the limb and say Stanford will be the highest.

    Also what is the graduation rate for these schools?

    Just out of curiosity. One thing I do commend Radnokovich(sp) on besides building facilities is his enhancement of the academic resources for the athletic department it has paid significant dividends.
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    Smaller commits means you are red shirting, or keeping your players despite their abilities/players staying in school even if not playing/starting, or not sending players to the NFL early, or lastly you had an uneven very low recruiting year 4 years ago. Regular smaller recruiting means you are keeping your kids and getting them through school. This does not always mean winning or losing. You could have a high hit rate, the students choose to finish school over the NFL, and have smaller classes. I find this option very low probability, but maybe Standford fits this possibility.

    Larger classes are a result of people leaving. They leave due to being run off due to ability, leave for the the NFL early, leave due to being expelled due to "team rules"/crimes, no red shirting, and lots of "medical issues". This could be good for winning as you are picking NFL talent and running off your bad/miss picks.
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    I.e. most factory schools have th bold behind it with lots of run offs...

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