Notes from Wednesday


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that same play was the main play call that bothered me. Everything else was poor execution and penalties
What I remember from rewatching the game is that the play before, we had it blocked well, and it was set for a nice gain for Sims, except for the backside guard (I believe this is when Trey Braun had subbed in for Will Jackson for the last 2 plays of that series because Sims had stepped on Jackson when he was jumping around after a play because he knew he should have broken it for more yardage - lots of sad irony there). Braun failed to cut off the backside DT who submarined into Sims' legs. Just make that backside scoop block (which shouldn't have to be considered a major accomplishment) and we're not even worried about the 4th down play. But, I think that's why CPJ thought that same play would work on 4th down because it should've worked on 3rd down. Thinking the defense wouldn't change the way they tried to defend it because they thought they were successful defending it the play before. Unfortunately it didn't work out that way.