NCAA's Treatment of Women


Helluva Engineer
Ok ill bite just to have some fun.

An anomaly should not make any difference. As with Olympic judging, take out the highest and the lowest and there you have it.

Would that have happened if the Louisville men had been playing at the same time? The number reported is the highest in that one city. Not the state. Not the nation. But will those same people who watch pay more for tickets to go see women play? No. The WNBA is proof if that. With cheaper tix, many have moved out of their NBA arena to small "arenas".

The lowest price for the men's basketball season tix is $290, that's with out any TECH fund gift. $485 including a $125 TECH fund gift is the next level. Are the women's season tix going to be the same price?

Just remember that one thing men can do that women can't is write our name in the snow.