More to Write/Read Before Our First Game

I am a type of GT fan that is biased to GT winning. There are fans that need to think their team will not win to help with the let down.

That said, there are all kinds of fans and I was not calling you a non-fan. I am just pointing out that I am a fan that predicts GT to win unless I think there is significant reason to not win.

My basis was:
Duke: 10 and 4 with 4 and 2 in coastal that brings back all their players with modifiers played at home and beat them last year
Pitt: 7 and 6 with 2 and 4 in coastal with a new QB with modifiers played away and beat them last year

Both look like wins, but Duke looks a little stronger on paper. This prediction is as good as the paper it is written on.

Pittsburgh was getting a lot of love from Mike Belloti on the ACC Preview. They were his surprise team in the Coastal (Luginbill's was Tech). Pittsburgh's coach has atleast convinced some media types that they are rougher and tougher and poised to have a good year. Maybe it is just good PR, but they finished well. They get Boston College and Syracuse cross-division, so they have a little bit of an edge there. There us no way around it, we have to take care of our bidness, we will not get very much help from the rest of the division. 6-2 in the division would not guarantee you'd get to Charlotte.


Helluva Engineer
Gracias, I guess. Was it unintelligible as it was?
I think it's an important distinction. Win all your intradivisional games and you have a pretty good shot at it. When you lose one, you probably lose the tiebreaker with that team unless you win all the other conference games which is not probable. Losing the extradivisional conference games hurt, but not as bad as the intradivisional ones.