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Miles Taylor interview

Q: What do you think about CPJ?

A: think Coach Johnson is a great person, a great role model for Georgia Tech football, and a honest man. I like Coach Johnson a lot and can't wait to play for him next year!

Q: Perception of Georgia tech in the northern areas?

A: Georgia Tech is well known all across the our area and im sure the rest of the nation. It is looked at by many people in our area as a great school that has great football.

Q: Do you feel you are better against the run or pass if you had to choose one?

A: I feel like I am better against the pass because I have good instincts and good technique for a safety. Although my first job is defend the pass, I still feel I am strong at stopping the run because im a real physical player

Q: Favorite current GT player that you met?

A: Hands down Louis Young. Louis has been a great person to me since I was in grade school. Always looked up to him. When he was a Freshman and Sophomore at Good Council he was my camp counselor for their basketball camp. Feel like we have a good relationship and I know hes going to have a great season this year!

Q: Favorite GT coach?

A: I love all the coaches the same! They are all great people and I thank them for believing in me!

Q: Best thing about GT campus?

A: How its right in the city, but you still get the normal college campus feel when you're on campus. Also I love how the stadium is right on campus.

Q: Are you a CB or S?

A: I am a Safety that can play corner. I think my technique, speed, and instincts allow me to play either position. I work out as a corner back, and that makes it easier for me to play safety.

Q: Is there anyone you pattern your game after?

A: I pattern my game off of my favorite player Sean Taylor. RiP. He is a ball hawk and loves to hit people and that's what i try to model my game after. I also love Ed Reed, Troy Palamalu, And Brian Dawkins

Q: Are you a vocal guy or lead by example guy?

A: I lead by my actions, and I am vocal when need be.

Q: What are your educational and career goals (outside of football)?

A: Well I think I want to study Business or Econ in college and get into that field. I want to Graduate first off then probably go have some fun and explore the world or something like that.

Q: Who were your favorite teams and players growing up?

A: Redskins, Caps, and Nationals are my favorite teams. Im DC all the way. My favorite football player growing up was Sean Taylor by far. RiP.

Q: Could anything change your mind about your commitment?

A: Only if the Redskins said they wanted to sign me to a 5 million dollar contract right now! Other than that nope, its home to me!

Q: What other schools have you heard from?

A: A lot of other schools have contacted me, but I really don't have any interest because I've found my home and am committed.

Q: Have you run into any negative recruiting?

A: Negative Recruiting? Like cheating? Nah, generally everybody plays by the "rules."

Q:Any funny stories during recruiting?

A: Some of the migration pics coach P does crack me up haha

Q: Have you connected with Tre Jackson?

A: Hahaha funny that you ask because I just got off the phone with him! Tre is my boy! Really great dude and im looking forward to tearing it up on the field with him! Great player!

Q: Are you guys proud to be the first 2 GT commits for 2014?

A: Yeah, im not really proud at the fact I was the first commit and he was the second. I'm proud that we made the right decision and joined a great family! #GTNation

Q: Do you guys plan to be the ambassadors to put together a great class to come with you?

A: Yeah I've been talking to Troy Vincent, Jess Anibonam, Melvin Keihn, Aleemen Murphy, Saeed B, Keshun Freemon, Shai McKenzie, Noah Brown, and I just hit up Step Durham. Trying to build a dynasty!!

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Forgot to post that I did this interview last its up to date


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If The Institute can land Step & Malcome, that would be HUGE!!!
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