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Interview Michael Preddy interview

Discussion in 'GT Swarm Articles, Interviews & Photos' started by Eric, Jun 2, 2013.

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  1. Eric

    Eric Retired Co-Founder Staff Member

    Q: What did you like about your Georgia Tech visit?

    A: My Georgia Tech visit was one of the best. I loved the atmosphere of the school and the fact that it's in the great city of Atlanta. Also, I was impressed by Coach Mike Sewak when he told me that four of his lineman made the Dean's list. My Mother and I are big on academics.

    Q: Who is recruiting you for GT and what do you think of him?

    A: Coach Lamar Owens is recruiting me from Georgia Tech. My opinion of him is that he is very professional, courteous, and would make a good mentor.

    Q: I know GT has talked about you playing OL, any preference?

    A: My preference would be DL. However; I am willing to play either side of the ball. I will be the best player that I can be in any position the Coaches decide that I am better suited to play.

    Q: What do you want in a school?

    A: I want a school which I can help contribute to a winning atmosphere both academically and athletically. Also I prefer a solid Coaching staff.

    Q: What are your strengths?

    A: My strengths are that I am a solid team player. I have been told numerous times that I am "easy to coach", and I am devoted to becoming a better player. My main strength is my pass rushing on defense.

    Q: Any favorites?

    A: My top schools are the five D1 schools that have offered. Here is a list that is not in any particular order. 1) UNCC 2) Wake Forest 3) Georgia Tech 4) Louisville 5) Rutgers

    Q: When will make a decision?

    A: I plan on making my final decision before the start of my high school football season which will be in August.

    Q: Any visits planned?

    A: Not at the moment but I will be visiting (GT) again soon.

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