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Miami defensive adjustments

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by IM79, Oct 19, 2017.

  1. quadf

    quadf Jolly Good Fellow

    I think some of our ol depth caught up with us as well
  2. Miami_da_U

    Miami_da_U Georgia Tech Fan

    Just so you guys know, the University of Miami does not manage the field. That is the Miami Dolphins. Right after the game vs you guys they completely replaced the Platinum TE turf...and it was still pretty bad today vs Syracuse because of how much its been raining and how little sunlight its getting. Ever Since they installed the new Canopy, they've struggled to keep the grass alive with the shade, rain, and games played on it....and we'll never use artificial turf.
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  3. Recleb

    Recleb Jolly Good Fellow

    Watching the Jets-Dolphins game, it’s clear the Dolphins crew is in over their head. Denver somehow can maintain a natural field through the season, yet these folks can’t get it done with year-round summer.
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  4. Miami_da_U

    Miami_da_U Georgia Tech Fan

    It's more complicated than that. The problem is draining all that rain and keeping the grass alive. Its been a very rainy month in Miami. And due to the Canopy, the "year round summer" is basically non-existent since the field gets maybe a few hours of sunlight a day.
    Theres a reason there has never been a problem with the turf in Miami before the Canopy was installed. This offseason they'll probably figure out a way to fix the drainage problem. But its getting into the dry season here soon, so the field wont be a problem for much longer.
  5. LongforDodd

    LongforDodd Helluva Engineer

    I'll give a U fan credit here. That canopy is hindering grass from growing and growing properly. Besides the obvious reasons why green things need sun, the sun also dries out the surface and keeps destructive molds from forming.
  6. Whiskey_Clear

    Whiskey_Clear Banned

    Miami outplayed us by a tad and won by same. We could have won anyway but they earned the W. Give credit where it is due. I'd love another shot at them but alas...will have to wait a year.

    Tennessee though.....damn we completely gifted that one away.

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