Martin leaves Vols to coach California


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His leaving TN is somewhat relevant to us as TN has made inroads into Atlanta as far as recruiting goes. Who do they replace him with? Do they make a run at Marshall (WichST)? Do they make a run at one of the up-and-comers (who could be on our radar for later) like Mike White (LouisianaTech)?

Of course we should make a run at not only Cofer ('14 commit) but also AJ Davis as a potential transfer.

Any thoughts?

As an aside, this couldn't happen to a more deserving fanbase. Martin wasn't super-fantastic, but their constant pining after Pearl even during/after their Sweet 16 run and after Pearl being hired at AU was shameful IMHO.


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I agree. I grew up a UT football fan so I was cheering for them in the tournament, if for anything, to just have someone to cheer for. They have no idea how good they had it. I'd take Martin at GT in a heartbeat. I think CBG has had rotten luck here at GT, but I'm not confident the guy can get past his own bad mojo. I was kind of hoping UT would hold on to Martin for another year and we could snatch him up.