Mark Richt


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I have a lifelong buddy dealing with this disease. He is in his 80's and is declining rapidly. Terrible disease as the mind is fine but the body is withering and decaying. Hate it for Coach Richt - this is not something I would wish on anybody.


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Not sure if many of you all saw. But Mark Richt has been officially diagnosed with Parkinsons. I truly feel bad for him and hope that he is able to control it to the best of his ability.

Mark Richt was a great competitor and rival of GT for years between uGAg and Miami. Super respectful guy and amazing person all around (even if I didnt like him in the field ;) ).

With all this being said, send prayers his way and keep him in your thoughts as he and his family go through this. Feel free to share your favorite memories of GT and Richt's rivalry through the years here too. I'll start.

My favorite memory was being at the 2014 COFH game and watching the battle between CPJ and Richt. Amazing game and wonderful outcome for GT.