Looks like Justin Thomas will be ready for Elon

AE 87

Helluva Engineer
The biggest advantage to me of no huddle is that it can keep a defense from making substitutions and adjustments. If you can call 4 different plays from the same formation to take advantage of whatever way the defense lines up, that makes a lot of sense. I think it can be a great system. I think CPJ would agree with that possible advantage. I think he was making light of the thing that pundits like to say that isn't really an advantage - that it wears out a defense and gets your offense more snaps in a game. I agree with CPJ on those reasons being stupid - it also wears out your offense and your defense because your offense is also playing those snaps and your defense is on the field quicker, and it also gives the other offense just as many more snaps as it does yours.

This seems right to me. I think we have a lot of plays that seem well-suited to doing some hurry-up where we check-off at the line to left or right (maybe even to a pass?) If you get a certain personnel package from the D, you dial it in and don't let them substitute. It might be interesting to try it against Tenuta's D at uva