Let’s discuss: Should Joe Hamilton have won the Heisman in 1999?


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He deserved it and was robbed. Don't forget Dayne missed games that year yet still won it for his career. Btw, his career record was surpassed by Ricky Williams almost immediately. I will die saying Joe is the true Heisman winner.
You have this backwards. He surpassed the career rushing record the year after Williams set it.

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So… the Heisman was given out this past weekend. (Thank god it wasn’t Bennett) So upon doing some digging, despite Tech having an illustrious football history and the namesake of the trophy coaching here, we do not have a winner of the Heisman. A few jackets have been finalists. Clint Castleberry, who’s the only GT player with their number retired in football was 3rd in 1943, and Billy Lothridge who finished second behind Roger Staubach in 1963.

However, no Jacket has ever been closer to striking the pose than Joe Hamilton. Hamilton is a GT legend, I’m too young for him but even I know about his heroics on the flats. He smashed GT and ACC passing records, and brought Tech back to success under coach George O’Leary. Joe won ACC player of the year, the Davey O’Brien Award, was a consensus All-American, and finished second in voting for the Heisman in 1999, AHEAD of Virginia Tech’s Michael Vick! Unfortunately, Ron Dayne of Wisconsin ended up winning the Heisman. While Dayne had a great career and was a terrific RB, a lot of people say that Joe had a better overall season in 1999. It’s hard to compare them because they played different positions.

In my opinion, both Joe or Ron were good choices, and either one would have been fine. Hell, I wouldn’t be mad if Vick ended up winning it that year because Vick was a BEAST in college as well.

What is your opinion? Should Joe have won, or was Dayne the correct choice?
Joe should have won. It is not even close. The Heisman Trophy is for the best football player that year. It is not meant to be a lifetime achievement award.


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Many reporters that year referenced Ron Dayne’s career rushing records. It felt to me that Joe was the best player that year but not the best player over four years since Dayne set the total yards in four seasons record…and that exceeds all previous Heisman winners.
and to my knowledge, the Heisman is not a career trophy, but a THAT year trophy. just sayin'