Ken Suguira's Spring Two-Deep prediction


Helluva Engineer
I like that Summers runs the smoke screen. He's no Bay Bay yet, but having the ability to run that effectively in our playbook takes a lot of pressure away from the center of the field. Maybe JT will be able to actually throw the pass to the man instead of sailing it over his head.

Waller has every physical skill to be a dynamic player, but he has done very little. I think he wins the job by being better than everyone else, not being as good as he can be.
Bay Bay was unique in that he was big and fast. He was big enough to punish corners who played off the line by catching the smoke route pass then delivering a massive stiff arm. He was fast enough to force the corners to give the necessary cushion in the first place.

We don't even have wr's fast enough to force corners to give that 10 yrd cushion to even think about smoke route.