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Lead him a bit more and you might hit the receiver in stride for a big gain. Or have the ball batted down if the defender turns his head in time.
I'm OK with the outcome.

I'm OK with it too. There looked to be a 2 or 3 yard seperation between the receiver and defender. That's quite a bit of space at this level to get the ball into the receivers hand. Usually at this level and beyond, that time it takes to slow up or turn is the difference between a 24 yard gain and a TD.

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Tough crowd. He reads through his progressions, finds his 3rd option and delivers the ball on target to the sideline where the defender can't get it. Usually, the perfect over the shoulder passes go to the first receiver in the progression when the QB has had a little more time to zero in.

IIRC, Smelter hauls in a long one on this same play later in the game.


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We have to remember that JT was not the only QB practicing with the 1st team last year. To me it seems an issue of timing more than anything else. The more he works with his receivers, AB's & BB's this year the more accurate he will be. Also looks like the correct read as the safety didn't drift towards until the ball was in the air.


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IMO, I am just glad he got the ball delivered to an open receiver. We have seen hundred's of throws over the year where our QB's overthrow the crap out of the receiver. I'll take a completion for 30+ yards over an over throw trying to hit a receiver in stride. Don't get me wrong, it's an awesome thing to be able to hit those guys in stride, however, I think with our QB's taking the easy throw and catch 80% of the time is perfectly fine with me.

Furthermore, it's not like we have to rely on scoring touchdowns off our passing game. We are far far away from the greatest show on turf. We just need enough 30 yards passes to keep the defense honest and the running game will continue to crank.


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I don't think the other receiver was as open as you think. JT made the right choice. Laskey's coverage was turned to go down field with him. The short pass was the safest.

Remember, you have all day to see the coverage... he has 3 seconds.


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I agree that JT's mechanics aren't picture perfect on this throw. However, he does set up, he does follow through, and it isn't a bad throw. If he had ended up with his back shoulder all the way through, it would have been just about right, but the way he does it works. And there is the plus that he gets rid of the ball quickly.

I think the jury will be out until we see if he can hit the quick poppers over the LBs, like Keenan Reynolds does with such accuracy and speed of delivery. If he can do that even once a game opposing Ds will be in a true quandary. I might add that we already know that Byerly can make that throw.

Agreed 100 percent. I wasn't saying that he has AWFUL mechanics, just that they're not GREAT. You're exactly right that he did set up, and did follow through, which is much better than throwing it off the back foot. Sorry if my post came off more negatively than it was meant.


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In combat -and football - the firepower is way down the list.
If you see the field without telegraph, quickly load and fire while the defense has not closed you have good chance to be successful . If On every play JT has quick feet and quick setup, good things will happen _ pull down and run before DL gets to close ( escape, avoid sack caused fumble) OR make the throw ( complete good, incomplete to open receiver due to inaccurate throw and not close coverage will still open up defense for run. Vad and tevin took to long to setup and then throw. Coach will the right plays early in year so JT gets in grove, then we roll!! Love the offseason!


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Bback is going to make alot more plays this year. I dont care if laskey cant block perfectly. He does it well enough when he has to. I was also thinking the other AB was wide open, but upon further review.. He made the correct choice. Im excited to see our offense do its thing this year. Last year was an abomination