Josh Pastner Contract


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That business crushing MAY be what does him in. IF there is money to fund a legit new regime, then the potential for increased attendance with a shiny new name will be a strong attraction

FWIW I have no idea if the major donors are ready to write more checks

There is money to buy Pastner out. The big question is whether there is money to bring the next guy in, give him money for a good support staff, and other funding (see: NIL, recruiting budget, etc.). Keep in mind, Pastner makes almost as much as Brent Key our head football coach. That's almost unheard of at most P5 schools. I'm a firm believer that GT will mine the ranks of low/mid major or assistant coach for our next MBB coach.

That being said, Pastner is well liked by donors, even the ones that think we need to move on. No one dislikes Pastner the person. It's about results at the end of the day.


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maybe we are reading it wrong and the percent refers to the percent of all of his remaining salary due under contract at that time?
2023-2024 45% of (1.7m + 1.8m + $1.9m) = $2.43m

This seems the right wy to do it and the question also becomes if that May 1st date is important. Letting him go before May 1st, which you absolutely have to do, if you're letting him go, could mean we're applying the 60% margin.


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If Batt keeps Pastner (which seems likely to me), then I think about how to get Pastner help. It would be hard to bring in a ringer as an assistant on a one year basis. You could either bring in a really good offensive assistant on a 2-year contract, or you could get an older semi-retired coach as an analyst.

I could see us looking for someone super sharp as an analyst—assuming we can find some funding.


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His salary is 350, plus 450 for tv and appearances plus the fee of 1.7 etc. I believe the math is 45% of 23-24 + 30% of 24-25 + 15% of 25-26.

Going by memory on numbers and terminology, so apologize if not accurate. We have contracts like this as well and that’s how the golden parachutes work that we have