Jalen Camp Drafted by the Jaguars


Helluva Engineer
That's really awesome. Super happy for Jalen and the Camp family. The guy has worked so hard, and has always bought into our program over two head coaches.

Looking forward to him catching passes from Trevor Lawrence and making some noise on the NFL level. He's just beginning to scratch his potential.

Another reason to watch the Jaguars now.


Ramblin' Wreck
Interesting comment about the impact that a message board comment had on Camp from an AJC article about him being drafted,

He indeed was, one more piece of evidence that he has become far more than the two-star label he bore at South Forsyth. He hasn’t forgotten it, along with a comment from a fan on a Tech message board expressing disappointment that Camp was part of former coach Paul Johnson’s signing class. Camp’s father took a screenshot of the comment and sent it to his son.

“I’ve used that as a chip on my shoulder for my entire college career,” Camp said. “Just because I believe in myself, I believe in my talent. So that was something that drove me throughout my entire college career and then throughout this (pre-draft) training process. Not so much to prove people wrong, but to prove myself right.”

See the full article at:

Georgia Tech’s Jalen Camp drafted by Jaguars in sixth round (ajc.com)

Definitely wish him the best with this new opportunity!