Interview Jake Whitley

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  1. Eric

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    Q: What made you decide on GT?

    A: I like the atmosphere and the coaching staff and you can't beat that education.

    Q: How do you fit in the GT offense?

    A: I'm athletic and love to run block so I think I'll fit in perfectly.

    Q: How was your official visit and what stood out to you?

    A: It was awesome and I was impressed with all the academic advisors. Niko Anderson (was my host) and he told me how everything goes on and what they do on a day to day basis.

    Q: Any idea on your current size?

    A: 6'3 280.

    Q: I know you suffered a knee injury this year, any update on that?

    A: I don't need surgery and my MCL is healed so a few months of rehab and I'm good to go

    Q: Any goals as a Freshman?

    A: (Just) to get some playing time.

    Jake seemed very solid to Tech and said not many others have been in contact with him recently...he is a good fit for what the coaches are looking for and has the frame to end up a big lineman...It is very good news that he will not need surgery on his knee and will be a full go when he arrives at Georgia Tech in the Summer.
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    He looking to play G or C?
  3. Eric

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    They all start out at center and move from there...he could play all three. Likely ends up at G.
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