Interesting comments on CPJ's base offense


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Or...did GSU get better at executing because they kept running the plays?

Your guess is as good as mine. If we did so well with the pistol during practice, I think we would've seen it more during games.


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We did try to mix it up and it didn't work. What reason would we have to continue try something that wasn't working? It'll be one thing if every play we ran out of pistol resulted in 10+ yard plays. Which plays out of the pistol made such an impression on you that makes you think we should have kept calling it? I only remember two "big" plays out of pistol and one of them was a lucky play that couldn't gone the other way.

Pretty much they way I remeber it too. We have a few good plays out of the formation, but also had plenty of plays the didn't do squat from the formation. Same with the diamond.