Injury updates


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Then he's got the odds in his favor. It's one thing if it's the same thing over and over. It's another thing if it's something different each time. The first case is chronic injury that won't heal, the second is bad luck. If it's just bad luck, that can certainly change.

He is just a kid that has the injury bug. He's had at least 5 different injuries that I can remember. It's unrealistic to expect to be a significant contributor going forward in my view. When he finally made it through a week of practice he got hurt in warm-ups...any contribution from him is a pleasant surprise for me.


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If Bailey is always getting hurt maybe they should just not even try to bring him back this year to give him the best chance at being healthy for next year?


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At least very early in his career, the coaches thought Bailey was unable to play through pain. One told me (in reference to Bailey), "There's a difference in playing with pain and playing with an injury and he needs to learn that it is possible to play with pain."

Now that could have changed but I was told that directly by an assistant coach two years ago.