Info from first week of practice


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only if Laskey is hurt. No way Custis passes Laskey on the depth chart. Right now he is behind Connors. Connors is a solid player who does so many good things on the football field. He's not flashy but he is effective. Laskey will carry the load this year and Custis's time will come next year. I look for Connors to get a few more touches in games this year just because he is experienced.
We'll see...


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I think we'll be alright at AB, btw. Remember all the moaning and groaning last year about Godhigh? I do. We have ABs coming back who are as talented as Godhigh was.

The thing that stood out (to me) about Godhigh was his pass catching ability. I will be surprised if any of the A backs in that list can make the kind of catches Godhigh made last year. And very pleased as well.


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Last spring, Synjyn was JT's favorite target in the passing game. So much so, I predicted Synjyn would lead all Abacks in receptions. Alas, JT was not the qb last year. Maybe this year we'll see what I predicted last year.


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I know we're excited about these AB's, but IMO they were taken with the hopes to play in 2015 or 2016. Here are the AB's in front of the Freshman:

Days - RS-SR
Hill - RS-SR
Bostic - RS-SR
Perkins - RS-SR
Zenon - RS-SR
Andrews - RS-SO
Snoddy - RS-JR

That's 3 deep before they even step on campus, with the least experienced among them having 3 years under his belt. The only way they get PT is if CPJ wants to prepare them to play next year.
it is incredible to me that we have such a back-up at Aback(with none standingout), the worse casewould be Srs turn out getting most of the playing time and not even being particularly productive--- so NEXT '15 yr we don't have any starters returning
of course the other side to the Aback overload is shortness at other positions with the limit on schollys
-and we add Snoddy to the list, I hope some Sr guys give it up after Spring if not in top 4


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I would play Days, Perkins, and Andrews (build for the future) and Hill as a backup.

Andrews sure could have used the cupcakes to prove himself.
If they burn Autry's shirt on special teams, I hope he can also cut his teeth on those first two game.

I just don't know how a freshman can come in and play AB. Knowing plays, the motions, the blocking schemes, blocking angles, changes of the play at the line, and all the rest of playing the 3TO seem to much for a freshman. Sure any of them could come in for a dive or a rocket toss.

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IIrc, Roddy Jones, Embry Peeples, Marcus Wright and BJ Bostic, at least, all played A-Back as freshmen. Roddy was RS Fr, but CPJ's first year.


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IIrc, Roddy Jones, Embry Peeples, Marcus Wright and BJ Bostic, at least, all played A-Back as freshmen. Roddy was RS Fr, but CPJ's first year.
True, but to be fair Peeples and Wright played as true Fr CPJ's first year. Orwin played as a tr Fr but mostly kickoff returns. CPJ said he had difficulty reading adjusting his routes iirc