Helluva Engineer
I’ll probably just get up on Tuesday morning and go to work. It’s not like it’s going to change anything in my life. It’s not like Tech fans have had anything on Georgia fans in the last 3 decades anyway. They dominate the series, they’ve won and competed for more conference championships, and they’ve competed for national championships with no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Is 32 years all that much different than 42? Especially when all signs are pointing to them getting another one soon, and we’re going to be fighting for our lives to just make a bowl game?

People who let the outcome of a sporting event impact their personal lives are weird. I’m going to continue to rock Tech gear and be a tech fan no matter what. A bunch of losers barking at me is not going to change that, especially when they probably never have set foot in a classroom in Athens and I’ve got a Tech degree and a winning record against them on the field 🤷🏼‍♂️


Ramblin' Wreck
I’ll just reply to every one of them I know that it’s about [email protected]&ing time they won the big one instead of sucking a big one.
Just because the school they didn’t attend won a championship it shouldn’t change my life much.


Helluva Engineer
Atlanta GA


Jolly Good Fellow
I’ll say congrats and then roll into my usual smart *** Uga jokes.

Guy at my golf club I don’t know pointed at GT on my jacket last week and asked “what’s G T?” while pointing at his G hat.
I said “oh you can read letters, must have been in your honors college”.

Stuff like that, always ready with a low key insult,

Speaking of golf, here’s another favorite:
Did you hear about the Uga grad who got hurt playing golf?
Fell off the ball washer.

I often throw in something about my kid applying to Uga as a safety school (she didn’t bother, but otherwise true, would have been a safety school for her).


Helluva Engineer
Monday night. I’m afraid to watch. It’s hard to beat a good team twice.

If the unthinkable happens Monday night what will you do to cope? Remember, if the unthinkable happens we will be hearing about it and seeing clips of it for years. It will be even harder to live in this state. It will be bad.

What’re ya gonna do?
I'll be celebrating. Twice UGA has won a MNC, and twice Georgia Tech has won a MNC 10 years later.