I think Mark Bradley.......


Ramblin' Wreck
I don't think you even have to do that, just win.

Heck Auburn last year

Beat Wash St by 7
Beat Miss St by 4
Beat Ole Miss by 8
Beat A&M by 4
Beat uga by 5
Beat Bama by 6

Reading my copy of "Focused On The Top" and remembering the 1990 season, it's amazing how much 'luck' can change a 6-6 or how a 7-5 season can become an undefeated season. No one expected Tech to win a National Championship in 1990. Success can turn on a quarter of an inch or a stressed out mind of an eighteen year old. The SEC schools 'worship at the altar of football'. I am from Georgia, but spent my teen years growing up in Alabama. Whenever Alabama loses people rent their garments and gnash their teeth and the whole state declares a time of mourning. I believe Tech can have a great season this year, and I still believe CPJ is a great fit at Georgia Tech.