How much do we need "superstars"?

Bruce Wayne

Helluva Engineer
It is only two games in but I am growing to enjoy games that we win where the stats do not show the dominance of any one or two players on the offense but instead you see 5 guys with over 50 yards running, similar with receiving, and 7 different guys scoring touchdowns.

I know how seductive and fun it can be to watch the flashy studs like a Dwyer or Bebe. Fans love to wear jerseys with the number of a superstar like that on them. Yet, I am a believer that being a fan of a team in general is being a fan of the uniform before who is in it. Certainly talent often does win out and the stud player will certainly get theirs on the field and demand the ball by their performance. My point is not that we don't recruit the studs or anything silly like that.

But . . .

It has to be a plus when everyone on the sidelines and in practice from the walk-on to the 2 star recruit can see that they will get their chance and can get into the endzone just like the elite kids. It has to be good for morale, team chemistry (no egos or sense of entitlement), and effort in practice to see that the "system" rewards effort and hard work even above or at least in addition to raw talent. I mean, this is still "amateur" football and not the pros right?

I am thinking of CPJ's comments about Waller in this week's news conference. Basically, that there is no reason physically or tools-wise that Waller can't make himself "that next great WR from Tech." He needs to go out there and do it. I think this offensive system in its breadth allows for more players to get that chance to prove themselves and become a "go-to" guy.

And if a superstar does not emerge, well, as long as we win then it seems like the system can often compensate.