How many people do you think will be there Friday?


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Atlanta, GA
I imagine attendance will largely hinge on weather, though the commute on Fridays in Atlanta is nothing to sneeze at.

Members of the student group I sit with are going to show up regardless!


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There will be no way to tell the impact, but your statement about Good Friday is factually wrong. Some churches only have 7pm services. Some people's piety might also prevent them going to the T-Day game.
There was no intention on making this a religious discussion, I'm merely stating a schedule can be balanced for most people if being at the T-Day game is their top priority. If it's a decision based on piety then being at the game inherently can't be their top priority that night and that's fine. To squash further discussion I'll just say I was wrong because this is going to send the thread into an area where we don't want it to go. I was also wrong about it being online affecting attendance. There are probably some people who will get home after a hard day of work and decide since it's on tv (online) they will just stay at home.

Jerry the Jacket

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Chapin, SC
Totally weather dependent. If a nice day 8K to 12K, if bad 4K to 8K. I'm suprised the GTAA had not done more to promote the event. It's really done quite well, with things for kids to do prior to the game, concessions outside and in, a band and fireworks after the event. The fireworks were comparable to what the Braves do every Friday night. You can go and have a really great evening for very little money. Everything is free except for the concessions.

Go Jackets!


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Poquoson Virginia
I don't know how many people will be there. But I am having a game watching at my house. So we won't be in the stats, but there in spirit.

We'll have the Md game going first (best GT varsity sport on a performance basis by a mile) and the football scrimmage when it comes on.

I will be worshiping at St Georges Friday night. {They are providing the Oktoberfest beer.}


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Marietta, GA
Must be what I'd seen... you'd think they'd have sent the information out by now...
Thanks for the reminder.

Information from Rambli' wreck regarding email coupon -
Season ticket holders who have renewed or purchased their 2014 season tickets by April 15 will receive an e-mail voucher to receive concession discounts inside Bobby Dodd Stadium. With the voucher, season ticket holders can purchase $2 hot dogs, Coca-Cola products and kettle corn. Certain restrictions apply and digital vouchers will not be accepted.

Followed by ...
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Brian Johnson

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80% chance of rain tomorrow but looks like in the morning and afternoon. They always say it's going to rain and it doesn't but i do think it will kill attendance