How do we fix this nightmare....

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Every win is a good win. We have a really good chance of a 9 win or greater season next year. Things could be far worse......(like when I was a student) This is not close to being a nightmare.


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I agree. 3 year domination against the mutts and they and their fans knew it. Minimizing a 3 year run is idiotic.

Nate, don't give these guys a second thought. Was at all those games and these wins were awesome. Great job. You and Claybrooks gave Carter hell all day


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What about 97 phantom pass int call

Thanks for minimizing the wins also

Wow, 3 lucky breaks in probably 40 years against the luckiest team in the history of college football. If I listed all the screw jobs on here it would be 25-1 at worst.

I watched those games and our team fought their butts off. To minimize their efforts is disrespectful at best and down right disgusting.

Mods, think you should consider a permanent branding (not a banning) for offending parties.

We have a "branding" solution that is close to being rolled out.

I agree, it doesn't make sense trivializing 3 in a row. We'd have a much better record the last few years if we were allowed to play the "what if" game. We'd also have a better record against UGA going back further. A win is a win.


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Thank you for all the suggested fixes. There were a lot of interesting ideas. Some of them were really wild "never-gonna-happen" ideas yet still creative.

I was reading last couple pages and had to remind myself which thread I was reading because it has become derailed as expected so as I warned, I'm locking this thread.

I disagree that we are in a "nightmare" mode. I think UVA and NCSU are examples of programs in a "nightmare". I don't think we're that bad yet. I completely understand that some of you hate "mediocrity". I think all of us get it.

Everyone agrees that winning will be the result we want. Unfortunately, complaining about the same thing over and over again on an internet forum is not going to get us there. Here's the silver lining for everyone: no matter what happens, in a year or two I think everyone will see something change. Either CPJ's contract is going to run/bought out or just maybe, we'll start winning those close games like we did in 2009.

Either way, if you are so stressed about this that you can't help yourself, I'd suggest taking a break by going outside (if it's not raining) and taking a huge breath of fresh air.
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